How would you rate your agency's experience with accessing client long-term care insurance benefits and receiving timely payments?07/01/201607/11/20162 Results
What social media platform does your private duty agency use most often?06/23/201606/30/20167 Results
Does your agency utilize scheduling software?03/18/201304/30/20138 Results
Does your agency plan to switch to a part-time model (under 30 hours) in response to the employer mandate?02/07/201303/07/20132 Results
If the Dept. of Labor changes the companionship exemption to exclude home-support employees, does your agency plan to limit caregivers work to 40-hours per week?01/30/201202/25/20124 Results
What strategies are most effective for marketing to hospital discharge planners?12/19/201101/13/20123 Results
What’s most effective at improving caregiver retention at your agency?11/16/201112/02/20113 Results
Has your agency recently (in the past year) been affected by an increase in union activity?10/10/201111/04/201110 Results


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