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The cost for providing care to private duty clients has once again increased, according to the 2018 Genworth Cost of Care Study.
Don’t ignore the impact office employees have on client satisfaction and caregiver recruitment and retention. Doing so could cost your agency dearly.
Understand and implement the key elements of an engaging employment brand to better recruit qualified candidates to your agency.
Home care agencies that offer caregivers the most money have turnover rates far lower than the national average, while agencies that pay the least have significant turnover rates.
With turnover rates in home care hovering near 67%, it’s vital to poll your agency’s caregivers in order to better identify what they care about and how to best retain them.
Start processing potential caregivers immediately after the interview to pick up the pace on recruitment and make sure interested, qualified candidates don’t get scooped up before your agency can officially hire them.
Seek out ways to encourage and promote your agency’s top caregivers. Doing so will help with your agency’s retention rate — an ongoing struggle that’s worse now than ever before for the private duty industry.
Create an employee rewards program that uses your scheduling software to track points for behaviors including clocking in on time, taking over shifts as needed, calling office staff’s attention to client issues and unsolicited compliments from clients.
New projections show the occupations of home health aide and personal care aide will grow exponentially by 2026. As a result, agencies should take recruitment efforts up a notch in order to attract the best candidates amid an avalanche of similar job openings.
Prepare aides for the possibility that their clients might die, and ensure your agency uses compassion and empathy when communicating with aides after those clients pass away.


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