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Private Duty Tool of the Month
Agencies can use this tool by Hurricane Enterprises to organize marketing and communications activities. It is a guide for regular engagement and outreach.
Download these guidelines for setting up your agency marketing professional on an equitable bonus and commission plan.

Use the following checklist to protect your agency's computer systems from cybercrime.

Honor, a technologically savvy home care company available in San Francisco and Los Angeles, recently completed a survey that asks families questions about caring for loved ones.

Phoenix-based Cypress HomeCare Solutions has increased its business by 20% after it started sending its dog Lacey into the home to offer clients pet therapy. (See related story, http://privateduty.decisionhealth.com/Articles/Detail.aspx?id=516300 ) This is a copy of Lacey’s business card which is given to clients at the start of care.

Also in the tool: After Arcadia Home Care & Staffing posted new photos to its Pinterest page, clicks to the agency’s website increased 60% — to about 2,400, from 1,500, says Clayton Elliott, who heads up the social media efforts for the Southfield, Mich.-based agency. (See related story, http://privateduty.decisionhealth.com/Articles/Detail.aspx?id=516301) Here’s a sample of what’s on the agency’s page at: http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=%23arcadiahomecare.

Use this guide to help hospitals and clients understand the care options available after discharge. This guide was developed collectively by the Northwest Denver Connected For Health community and the Colorado Foundation for Medical Care, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for Colorado.

Consider the following sample checklists when designing an employee file guide and client file guide at your agency to help meet documentation requirements in your state. Use of similar checklists will help ensure employee and client documentation is complete, organized and accessible. The following checklists were created by Scott Spangler, chief operating officer at Cypress Home Care in Phoenix.



Use this comprehensive care management form created by Liz Barlow, CEO of Innovate Today consulting firm, to design a care plan for your clients at the start of care.


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