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An average agency likely already has determined what to do in the event of a major storm. But a new emergency preparedness rule published Sept. 6, 2016, in the Federal Register implies that as part of their plans, agencies should take an even bigger step — considering things such as pandemics or terror attacks.
The median sales per full-time employee in 2015 for an agency with revenues between $800,000 and $1.6 million were $222,842, compared with $215,754 per full-time employee in 2014, according to Home Care Pulse’s Home Care Benchmarking Study.
Identifying the top five home care issues your agency’s current clients consider important will help your agency develop valuable content and drive engagement with clients, referrals and leads.

This job board connects industry professionals with career opportunities and helps HR reps attract qualified applicants. Post job opening or view resumes below.

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This tool by the Content Marketing Institute and Aha Media shows in detail how agency marketers can develop useful content for clients, leads
and referral sources. For example, it directs marketers creating content to use an H1 tag which defines the most important headline in an article and metadata, or key information such as the category or author.

This tool compiled by the  National Conference of State Legislatures lists the current minimum wage guideline for each state as well as enacted increases.

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